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The Real Estate Asset Group (REAG)

JW Richeson began his real estate career in 1975 as “Richeson & Associates Management Marketing Firm” in Brownsville Texas, managing and leasing space at the Mini Mall.

In 1979, JW moved to Corpus Christi, Texas where he continued his practice in commercial, industrial and investment real estate. “JW Richeson & Associates” was dropped in 2008 and REAG Real Estate Asset Group picked up the mantle for the commercial, industrial and investment property brokerage.

JW took advantage of the economic down turn in 2008. He took a sabbatical to build a Hacienda, Stables and Offices at “El Canoncito” the name given to the 10 acres overlooking Nueces Bay. To build his own house had been a life long dream, but he warns that the two happiest days were; the day he started and the day of completion. “Completion on a small farm is like a wagon wheel, there’s just on end to it” says JW.

Now that JW is back in full swing, he has properties for sale in the Corpus Christi Bay Area, Laredo and the Rio Grand Valley. He is confident that both, the Asset Group and the Agriculture Group will do well when investors become a little more self-assured and the economy is back to full swing as well.

There is also a branch office program being considered for the Real Estate Asset Group. The Asset Group will offer the same services as the Agriculture Group, but geared towards their prospective category.

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