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The Real Estate Agriculture Group (REAG)

JW Richeson, Principal Broker formed the Real Estate Agriculture Group in 2005 and designed it to serve the Farm & Ranch inhabitants of South Texas in a triangular sector from Corpus Christi South to the Rio Grande Valley and North West to Laredo.

In 2005 there were 12 Branch offices opened throughout the South Texas sector. Locations were in Kingsville, Raymondville, Los Fresnos, Harlingen, Edinburg, McAllen, Falfurrias, Benavides, Laredo, Freer, Alice, and Taft.

The Branch offices were all closed in 2009 for restructuring. A new and reorganized branch program is in the works. The new branch program will give our branch partners an enhanced marketing agenda, offering valued services and information for their customers who are present and future land owners. A few are listed below:

Complimentary Land Valuations
Quarterly News Letters
Links to publications with valuable information for property owners
Ask the Broker Q&A
And a Blog site for property owners...

JW’s first real estate assignment was the managing and promotion of a small retail mall in Brownsville, Texas. However his first real estate investment was the purchase of a small orange grove in Bay View Texas, in 1976.

JW has bought, sold and brokered many properties, but his most recent purchase of a 10 acre tract of land just west of Portland, Texas, overlooking Nueces Bay, you might say, has brought him full circle, and the founding idea for REAG. The agriculture group...

But JW having 30 years of commercial, industrial and investment real estate in his blood could not carry on without the commercial practice, therefore the creation of the asset group.

Two groups under one acronym The Real Estate Agriculture Group and the Real Estate Asset group.

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